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Want to get your firearms license?

Step 1 - Safety Course

Contact an instructor and book the safety course.

It is a one day course for non-restricted and a second day to do both the non-restricted and restricted courses, these courses are typically run on weekends.

Here is a list of instructors that you can contact:


Terry Sutton - www.tsfirearmsafety.com
Carrie Warren - Halton Firearm Safety School - www.haltonfirearmssafetyschool.com


John Evers - www.stormaction.ca


Shafiq Vayani - www.federalfirearmsacademy.com


Kenny Singh - www.cofainc.ca

Step 2 - Apply for License

Having successfully completed your course/s you will receive your certified test results and can now apply to the Canadian Firearms Program for your license (PAL/RPAL).

You can apply online at www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/apply-a-firearms-licence

Step 3 - Get a Membership

Once you have received your firearms license (PAL/RPAL) you can get a membership with us, purchase or rent firearms, purchase ammunition and start enjoying the shooting sports.

This process will take 3-9 months to complete.

The cost is approximately $300-$400 plus the cost of a range membership.

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